Overlays is all about bringing a CHANGE - a positive change - into people's lives. Overlays started with the intention of reaching out to the creative youth that is striving towards bringing a change in the world. To empower these creative people, Overlays believes in making something that proves to be an add-on to their creativity. 

What do we stand for

To us, quality is something that cannot be compromised. We focus on refining the small details like the fabric's fitting and quality to increase their functionality in everyday life. We believe in making something unique that gives the fashion vibes and promises maximum comfort.

We want you to know that our love and efforts are interwoven between the threads of each product we make.

At Overlays, we are building the next future by creating unique products that empower people and safeguard the environment through sustainable actions.

Free & Fast Delivery

Shipping within 48 hours across India.